Get Lean Muscle

How to get lean muscle? Follow the simple steps one by one & systematically get lean muscle

Written By R. Dey I Updated on January 30, 2024

Steps to Take to Get Lean Muscle

info graphic-steps to be taken to get lean muscle-topic-get lean muscle
info graphic-steps to be taken to get lean muscle-topic-get lean muscle
  • Compound/full body workouts - Target multiple muscle groups at the same time.

  • Calorie Surplus - To get lean muscle, ensure your diet has little calorie surplus.

  • Protein Intake - Focus on taking enough protein.

  • Balanced Macro Ratio - Maintain a balanced macro ratio & stay hydrated. To know your right macro ratio, explore -

  • Progressive Overload - Include systematic progressive overload in your workout routine.

  • Rest +Recovery +Quality Sleep -To get lean muscle, ensure adequate rest, recovery, and quality sleep.

  • Patience + Consistency + Progress Tracking - Have patience, be consistent & track your progress.

Not satisfied with these simple tips? Dive into the deep sea- 'How to Gain Lean Body Mass: 10 Tips'

Get Lean Muscle - Don’ts

  • Don't skip rest days.

  • Don't over-exercise.

  • Don't forget about protein.

  • Don't ignore your body's limits.

  • Don’t consume processed foods.

  • Don't frequently change your workout plan.

  • Don’t experiment frequently with your body.

  • Don’t overlook hydration, drink enough water.

  • Don’t skip meals to lose fat, it might cause muscle loss.

  • Don’t consume much sugar and refined flour; minimise their intake.

  • Don’t lose patience, as results are not seen overnight. So, be consistent.

  • Don’t ignore your body’s sleep demand; ensure 7-9 hours of quality sleep.

  • Don’t forget to maintain the optimum macro ratio in your diet according to your goal.

  • Don’t overeat in one sitting, even protein. Have 4 to 5 small balanced meals with at least a 3-hour gap.

  • Don’t ignore your health conditions. Always consult a registered medical practitioner before starting any routine, especially if you have any health issues.

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Today, we’ll outline key steps to get lean muscle and highlight what to avoid ( don'ts) very precisely.

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