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Neutral Grip Pull Up - Muscles Worked

What muscles do neutral grip pull ups work?

Do neutral grip pull ups work the rear delts?

Neutral grip pull up - Muscles worked! Uncover the Muscles worked in Neutral grip pull ups. Advance your fitness journey with the Neutral grip pull up - Target muscles now.

Unlock 26 insights on Neutral grip pull up muscles!

Decode dynamic muscle targeting for impactful results.

Neutral grip pull up muscles worked
Neutral grip pull up muscles worked

Written By R. Dey I May 5, 2024

Neutral Grip Pull Up Muscles


Here are 26 questions and answers related to neutral grip pull ups. I believe these will satisfy your knowledge hunger regarding neutral grip pull ups.





1.  What muscles do neutral grip pull ups work?

2.  Do neutral grip pull ups work the rear delts?

3.  Which pull-up grip works the most muscles?

4.  Do neutral grip pull-ups work back?

5.  Do neutral grip pull-ups work lats?

6.  What do neutral grip pull-ups work for?

7.  Are neutral grip pull-ups better?

8.  How many neutral grip pull-ups are good?

9.  Do neutral grip pull-ups work shoulders?

10.  Are neutral grip pull-ups easier or harder?

11.  Do neutral grip pull ups build muscle?

12.  How many pull-ups per day?  

13.  What grip is best for pull ups?


14.     Neutral Grip Pull ups Vs. Pull ups 

15.     Neutral grip chin up muscles worked

16.     Close-neutral grip pull-up muscles worked

17.     Wide neutral grip pull-up muscles worked

18.    Neutral grip pull up muscle activation.

19.    Neutral grip pull-up bar

20.   DIY Neutral Grip Pull-Up Bar

21.    Neutral grip pull-down

22.   Pull-up muscles worked.

23.   Chin-up muscles worked

24.   Neutral grip pull-up attachment

25.   Neutral grip pull up target muscles.

26.  Neutral grip pull-up alternative




What muscles do neutral grip pull ups work?


Neutral grip pull ups boost the strength of your inner warrior, effectively strengthening your mighty latissimus dorsi, biceps and midback like the rhomboids, teres major, trapezius, brachioradialis, brachialis, biceps brachii and infraspinatus, sculpting a physique that embodies power and determination. 


Muscles worked in neutral grip pull ups


Latissimus dorsi;

Biceps brachii;


Teres major;





Do neutral grip pull ups work the rear delts?


Neutral grip pull ups obviously engage the rear delts, but remember they are not the primary muscles worked.


Which pull-up grip works the most muscles?


It is generally said that standard grip pull ups work the maximum muscles and widely work on upper body muscles.


Do neutral grip pull-ups work back?


Neutral grip pull-ups carve a strong back spotlighting the rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, and trapezius, shaping a sturdy and resilient core.

Do neutral grip pull-ups work lats?


Absolutely, Neutral Grip Pull-Ups indeed target the muscles of the Latissimus Dorsi (Lats). Neutral Grip Pull Up also engages your various other muscles in the upper body.

What do neutral grip pull-ups work for?


Neutral grip pull-ups—the unsung heroes of the gym—target muscles like the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, biceps, and forearms, propelling you toward fitness triumph with unwavering grit and determination.


Are neutral grip pull-ups better?


It depends on your fitness goals. Neutral grip pull ups are very beneficial, especially for beginners and these variations offer a joint-friendly alternative. However, the intensity of muscle engagement may vary when compared to other pull up variations.


How many neutral grip pull-ups are good?


For novices, achieving 3-5 neutral grip pull-ups is commendable, whereas seasoned practitioners might target over 12. Nonetheless, proper form and gradual improvement take precedence over quantity.


Do neutral grip pull-ups work shoulders?


Certainly, the shoulders, particularly the deltoids & rotator cuff muscles, are actively exercised alongside the primary back muscles during neutral grip pull-ups.


Are neutral grip pull-ups easier or harder?



Comparatively easier, this exercise becomes easier due to its increased bicep involvement. Nevertheless, individual perspectives vary, so what may appear easier for one individual may pose a greater challenge for another.


Do neutral grip pull ups build muscle?


Absolutely! Performing neutral grip pull-ups provides a robust workout to numerous muscles in your back, as well as your biceps and forearms. Hence, they are indeed an excellent way to build muscle.


How many pull-ups a day?


The ideal number of daily pull-ups varies depending on your fitness level. For beginners, managing 3-5 pull-ups is commendable. More seasoned individuals might target 10-15. However, the focus should be on proper form and progressive strength development, rather than sheer numbers.


Want to have a comprehensive answer to the question: How many pull ups a day? Analyze it in different aspects, like your body weight, fitness level, training factor and others and fix your own answer as well as your workout routine.


What grip is best for pull ups?


Examining the various variations, the neutral grip, defined by parallel bars and palms facing each other, is considered and stands out as very unique as well as the most recommendable, adaptable and joint friendly option for pull up workouts. 



Neutral Grip Pull Ups Vs. Pull ups


1. Hand Orientation: In neutral grip pull-ups, palms face each other. In regular pull-ups, palms face outward.


2. Muscle Focus: Neutral grip targets biceps and mid-back, while pull-ups emphasize lats and shoulders.


3. Comfort Factor: Neutral grip is gentler on wrists and shoulders, making it preferable for those with joint concerns.


4. Motion Range: Pull-ups allow for a broader range of motion due to hand placement, whereas neutral grip provides a more natural hold.


5. Versatility: Combining both exercises offers a diverse upper body workout, engaging varied muscle groups and movement styles.  


Neutral grip Chin up muscles worked


Latissimus dorsi (lats): Key to shoulder movement.

Obliques: Enhance core stability.

Pectorals (pecs): Active in the pulling motion, strengthening the chest.

Rectus Abdominis: Stabilize the torso during the exercise.

Teres major: Assists in shoulder adduction and internal rotation.

Biceps: Aid in the pulling action and elbow flexion.

Brachioradialis & brachialis: Support elbow flexion.

Triceps: Assist in elbow extension during the upward pull.

Deltoids & rotator cuff: It works for stabilizing your shoulder joint.





Close neutral grip pull-up muscles worked


1. Latissimus Dorsi (Lats)

2. Biceps

3. Trapezius

4. Teres Major

5. Brachioradialis & Brachialis

6. Deltoids & Rotator Cuff

7. Pectorals (Chest Muscles)



Wide neutral grip pull up muscles worked


1. Latissimus Dorsi (Lats)

2. Biceps

3. Trapezius

4. Terres Major

5. Brachioradialis & Brachialis

6. Deltoids/Rotator Cuff

7. Pectorals

8. Obliques



Forearm muscles flex the elbow. Obliques stabilize the core. Pecs engage in pulling. Lats, on either side of the spine, aid in shoulder adduction. Teres major assists in shoulder rotation. Biceps contribute to elbow flexion. Deltoids and the rotator cuff effectively stabilise your shoulders.


Neutral grip pull up muscle activation


Within the choreography of neutral grip pull-ups lies a balanced distribution of muscle activation, a harmonious synergy across the upper body. The neutral hand position becomes the conductor, orchestrating a performance that minimizes shoulder and wrist strain. It's not just power; it's a safety-driven masterpiece, an artful balance in the pursuit of physical excellence.



Neutral Grip Pull-Up Bar

A neutral grip pull-up bar helps you perform a neutral grip pull-up variation. Remember, here your palms face each other, engaging various muscle groups and at the same time reducing the strain on your shoulders. For upper-body strength training, it can be an ideal tool for beginners. This fitness equipment is easily available online. But before going to purchase it, you must have a minimum idea of its characteristics, which will help you choose your personalized Neutral Grip Pull-Up Bar.


Learn the basics of the neutral grip pull-up bar and how to identify the right one.



DIY Neutral Grip Pull-Up Bar


Creating a neutral grip pull-up bar at home is a practical approach to enhancing your fitness routine. The term DIY refers to doing it yourself. You can build a stand-alone bar with adjustable grips with some very common items like treated lumber and metal pipes. You can experiment with grip variations too, and this setup allows you to diverse your pull-up styles and customize your pull-up bar as per your physical capacity, comfort level, and workout goal. By making a home-made or DIY neutral grip pull-up bar, you can ensure targeting various muscles while minimizing shoulder stress, and personally, I believe this is a pocket-friendly and very good option. How do I make a DIY neutral grip pull-up bar? How do you adjust your grips? What should an ideal DIY neutral grip pull-up bar be? Then you have to spare a little time on it to know it in detail.


Neutral grip pull-down


The Neutral Grip Pull-Down is a very effective and unique full-body workout that can fulfil your various fitness goals. That initially targets your "lats," or latissimus dorsi. Here your palms face each other, which effectively helps in engaging your different muscle groups and reducing your shoulder strain. Usually, this workout variation is performed using a lat pull-down machine with a special "V-bar" or two separate cables customized for Neutral Grip Pull-Down. No doubt, this is a very effective and unique way to strengthen your rear delts, back, biceps, and rhomboids. 


Pull-up muscles worked


These are your muscles that may have been used when you perform pull-ups: rhomboids, biceps, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, teres major, scapular stabilisers, abdominals, and forearms. Individually and jointly, these muscles contribute to the complex movement of an ideal pull-up workout.  


Find answers to ‘Do pull ups work the chest?’ and Do pull ups work the abs? in the associated content.


Chin-up muscles worked


Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids, Teres Major, Scapular and Shoulder Stabilizers, Biceps, Abdominals, and Forearms work through an ideal chin-up.


Neutral grip pull-up attachment


A neutral grip pull-up attachment is a very unique piece of fitness gear specially designed for pull-ups where your palms face each other to fulfil a specific fitness goal. Generally, it's known for activating diverse muscle groups as well as reducing shoulder stress and actively enhancing your workout strength. This is very easy to fit on most of the pull-up bars, and it is usually considered a good choice for both home and gym settings to customize specific fitness as well as muscle-gaining goals. 


Neutral grip Pull Up target muscles


Neutral Grip Pull-Ups are usually considered a comprehensive and complete exercise that initially targets your rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, and trapezius muscle groups in your back, along with your biceps, forearms, and grip muscles. This unique variation of pull-ups is popular for reducing shoulder stress, making this variation a very effective and time-saving method for enhancing upper body strength.


Neutral grip pull-up alternative


In the absence of a neutral grip pull-up bar, you can explore other alternatives too, like dumbbell rows, parallel grip pull-downs on a cable machine, or seated cable rows, to target the same and similar muscles and fulfil your same fitness goals.       



Respect to my workout heroes!


R. Dey.


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